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CollectA Tyrannosaurs Rex with Prey – Struthiomimus Toy

Are your kids loving the Jurassic Park movies?

With the fascination of dinosaurs rising, your kids will love the Tyrannosaurus Rex with Prey.  They can pretend these action figures are living in Jurassic Park on spectators have just witnessed the horrifying reality of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

In the review below, one parent explains the imagination inspired by this figure.

Excellent and so fun!

By Tracy

June 24, 2014

Our son has been collecting these since he was 4. Excellent quality and makes for hours of great imagination play time.


Matchbox Jurassic World 1:64 Vehicle 5-Pack

What’s the best part about Jurassic World?  The action, of course!

Your kids can take the trucks from the movie and recreate the chase scenes or imagine their own action packed scenarios with the Matchbox Jurassic World Vehicle 5-Pack.  They’ll zoom all over the park looking for more dinosaurs with these amazing little vehicles from the movie.


Jurassic World Indominus Rex vs. Gyro Sphere Pack

It’s been over twenty years since we were first introduced to Jurassic Park, and it still holds the same popularity today as it did back then.

With the recent release of latest installment, Jurassic World, your kids are itching to get their hands on some Jurassic World toys.  The Indominus Rex vs. Gyro Sphere pack is a hot item this summer and it’s going fast.  Why wouldn’t it?  The angry Indominus Rex is angry and ready to battle his next human.  Who do your children sympathize with more?  The dinosaurs?  The humans?  Who will be the hero as the play out this epic battle?


Big Hero 6 Action Figure Set – 7 Characters – Baymax, Yokai, Go Go Tomago, Honey Lemon, Wasabi No-Ginger, Fred, and Hiro Hamada!

Did your children watch Big Hero 6 and instantly want to reenact the movie?  The characters from this Disney movie are instantly lovable.

The Big Hero 6 Action Figure Set is perfect!  These action figures allow your kids to jump into the story of Hiro and Baymax. Do  they continue the legacy of our beloved heroes or create a whole new story line?  Watch the imagination come to life when you gift them with this set which includes seven favorite characters.

Read the reviews below to see what others have to say about the Big Hero 6 Action Figure Set.

This four year old is loving it…

Four Stars

By Jeffrey

January 1, 2015

…My 4 year old loves playing with them.

This reviewer loves the quality…

Five Stars

By deanna

December 25, 2014

Very well made!

Action Figures

You want to know the best part about action figures? Go ahead, take a guess. It’s in the name…action. The best part of action figures is the action they offer up!

Your little guy gets to be part of the action while playing with these figures. He can immerse himself in the world of superheroes. Which one is your son’s favorite?

Perhaps he wants to collect all his favorites, the heroes and the villains. Now the stage is set for an epic battle of the century!
This is a great way to enhance the imagination as the boys play with these action figures.

They can imagine a world where they are playing the war hero, a cop taking out the bad guys, or a firefighter rescuing those in distress.
Action figures are an outlet for entertainment and a fun way to connect with friends.

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train – TrackMaster Avalanche Escape Set

Put your thinking caps on because Thomas the Train has a dilemma!  There are many obstacles in this track and Thomas needs your help navigating them.

The Thomas the Train Trackmaster Avalanche Escape set by Fisher-Price has many hours of excitement and anticipation as your child sends Thomas careening through the track and using critical thinking to get Thomas across the track.

We all love Fisher-Price toys for our children, and the Thomas the Train Trackmaster Avalanche Escape set is featured in Best Toys of 2014 by MSN.

Below are a few reviews for this action figure toy.

This reviewer says it’s a great learning toy…

Chugging right along to AWESOME!!!

December 16, 2014

By Amra Dietz

…My kiddos ADORE this set, it is an excellent way to encourage imagination and creativity (story telling too.) … it is a really great learning tool for cause and effect.

…My kiddos and I absolutely recommend this toy!!!

Lots of action with this toy…

All Aboard, this is a fun ride!

December 13, 2014

By Kristina Hanna

This train …has action. My son is 4 and delights every time Thomas gets near the broken track in anticipation of it going over the edge. At each success he delights at the triumph.

…The game requires imagination, dexterity, and problem solving, just the kinds of skills I want to teach my son!

Perfect for your typical boy…

pefect for a rambunctious boy

November 19, 2014

By btk10

My son had a great time with this track. As a three year old boy, he loves destruction and danger. And I love it when he can have both on the living room floor. This track is large and provides lots of fun…

PLAYMOBIL Large Crane with IR Remote Control

What fascinates little boys?

Construction sites, large trucks and the big daddy of them all, the crane!

PLAYMOBIL taps into this fascination with the remarkable remote control toy, the Large Crane part of the City Action set.

Your little guy will have hours of fun controlling the crane by remote control picking up large pallets and other items for his construction project.

The Large Crane by PLAYMOBIL is also featured in MSN’s Best Toys of 2014.


Minecraft Core Creeper Action Figure with Accessory

For the price, this Minecraft action figure is a great gift idea.  The Minecraft Core Creeper Action Figure with Accessory is a small toy according to reviewers, but gift recipients love this toy.  

This review says it all..

A bit small but still a good product
By Rob Slaven on February 16, 2014

Verified Purchase
A few random observations

* Somehow when I saw the photos I imagined these as being rather bigger

* The minecraft-loving recipient of this Christmas gift laughed aloud and was very happy with it

* Articulation is stiff and one-directional which exactly matches the articulation of the characters in the game

* Colors are bright, vibrant and not likely to fade.

* Toy is really more intended for display than playing with and does seem to stand up reasonably well

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace receives high reviews for many reasons.  As you read the reviews a couple things stand out.  This is my childs favorite toy and my child still plays with this toy after years of owning it.

Best doll house for toddlers,
November 16, 2014
By floridamommy “afowler75” (Florida)

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace (Toy)
“Gave this to my 4 year old daughter 2 Christmas’s ago when she was 2 and she still LOVES playing with this castle.”

Despicable Me Minion Dave Talking Action Figure

Almost every kid would love to have their own Minion. This talking and comedic Minion action figure makes everyone’s day. As you read the reviews you’ll discover how beloved this guy is..

Cute toy, December 3, 2013 By steven bennett

Verified Purchase

Despicable Me Minion Dave Talking Action Figure (Toy) “Very cool toy!!! Husband and I are having way too much fun playing with it don’t want to wrap it up lol.

If you liked the movies, you’ll love Dave!, July 6, 2013 By Philip L.

Verified Purchase

Despicable Me Minion Dave Talking Action Figure (Toy) “This minion is well built, durable, has moving eyes, moving eyelids, and has actual minion “speak” from the movie. If you have a movie memorabilia collection, Dave is a must!”

Something to Consider…

It’s OK, January 13, 2014 By Amanda E.C. “Amanda Connelly” (North Jersey)

Verified Purchase This review is from: Despicable Me Minion Dave Talking Action Figure (Toy) My 3 1/2 year old absolutely LOVES this toy.

I have be honest about that. However, considering it was 50 bucks, I’m not quite as thrilled. It’s much smaller than I thought (maybe 8 inches tall) and it doesn’t do much. If it weren’t for the fact that it was a gift to my son who loves this silly toy, I’d have sent it back for a refund.

Oh well. You live, you learn.