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ALEX Toys Artist Studio Sidewalk Mandala with Sweet Stuff Designs

Your little artist loves sidewalk chalk.  Step it up a notch with the Sidewalk Mandala by Alex Toys.

The stencils will enhance your girl’s art as she designs masterpieces on the sidewalk and driveway.

Read what other’s have to say about this creative outdoor toy in the reviews below.

This reviewer is enjoying it more than her daughter….

Enjoyed It!

By zon

September 12, 2014

My 6 yr old didn’t seem to want to bother with it, she prefer free styling it. But, I enjoyed doing it!

Another hit…

Five Stars

By Judith

April 4, 2015

Love these like the others.

Sew Cool Machine

Are you looking for a creative item for your fashion designer?

The Sew Cool machine is an innovative way to introduce sewing to your younger girls.  No thread, no bobbins, no needles! Just easy sewing!

This fabulous arts and crafts toy is featured in MSN’s Best Toys of 2014!

Check out what others have to say about Sew Cool in the reviews below.

A year later and still being used…

Great toy

November 17, 2014

By Rachel Austin

My daughter loves this! She got it last yer for Christmas and still uses it. I bought some refills for her birthday.

If you have a child who likes creative projects this is a good gift.

Great for the beginner…


September 30, 2014

By Felisha

My five year old wanted a sewing machine, but I didn’t want to mess with threads getting caught or a cheap machine breaking. She uses this on her own and loves it…

Fun projects to do together…

Love this!

March 23, 2014

By Deborah L. Anderson

I bought this for my 5 year old grandaughter and we are having a ball. It is so much fun. It is easy to do and is very safe because the needle is inside…

I would highly recommend the all the creative little girls out there who like to make things!

Play Doh DohVinci Anywhere Art Studio Easel and Storage Case Set

Are you looking for a creative way to enhance your child’s artistic abilities?

We already know how creative we can get with Play Doh, but now your children can create masterpiece’s with the DohVinci Anywhere Art Studio!

Let there imagination run wild as they make sculptures to display for family and friends!

The Dohvinci Anywhere Art Studio is named in the Best Toys for 2014 by MSN.  See what one reviewer had to say below.

Excellent Product!

By Lauren

November 7, 2014

This new product is an absolute major hit in my home!

…The things they come up with are so artistic, creative & beautiful.

Most definitely recommend this!

Beados Quick Dry Design Station

This is the ultimate toy for the little crafter in your life!

The Beados Quick Dry Design Station allows your child to make their beads by soaking in water.  They place the beads in the quick dry station and then they are ready to design, design, design!

What better way to encourage your child’s creativity?

This arts and craft toy was features on MSN The Best Toys of 2014

 A favorite for this reviewer’s daughter…


November 27, 2014

By Missy

My daughter absolutely loves this toy. She has not been able to put it down since it arrived…

 This reviewer loves the imagination that is inspired…

Not as hard/bad as it gets made out to be…..

November 23, 2014

By Kindle Customer

….It really helps that you can free form your designs. As long as you have an imaginative kiddo you should be set 🙂

A good activity for family…

Fun, But a Bit High-Maintenance

September 17, 2014

By Jenna of the Jungle

….A good rainy-day activity for parents and kids to do together.

Teddy Bear with Chenille Fur by Build A Furry Friend

Every child deserves a soft, cuddly, adorable teddy!

This teddy bear by Build a Furry Friend has chenille fur and the cutest face.  A stuffed animal that is sure to be a favorite teddy for life!

This is a stuffed animal that you assemble yourself.  Here are a few reviews about this remarkable teddy bear.

This reviewer says it’s the perfect gift for all ages…

The MUST HAVE Furry Friend!

November 16, 2014

By Kirstee

I LOVE this furry friend!

He’s a great cuddle buddy and I enjoyed putting him together, it was a great personal touch.

…I would recommend anyone to buy them for young children, all the way up to college age students!

Perfect Christmas,birthday or any holiday occasion gift!

And this reviewer says it’s perfect for any occasion..

Great buy! Very adorable 🙂

November 16, 2014

By Kassi Kappler

…I love it, I got to stuff it myself and put his little “puppy soul” and a star inside!

Very great Christmas or Valentines day present! Or birthday! Worth the money! Very cute!!!! 😀

Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Deluxe Set, Over 90 Pieces

Minecraft Papercraft Deluxe set is the gift to meet all needs!

Looking for an arts and crafts project? Minecraft Papercraft.

Looking for something for the Minecraft enthusiast in your life? Minecraft Papercraft!

Looking for a fun puzzle? Minecraft Papercraft!!

Looking for a building toy?  Minecraft Papercraft!!!

There are over 90 pieces in this paper craft allowing you to build and construct your own Minecraft world.  Step away from the game and exercise your mind!

Check out the reviews below to see what others have to say about this deluxe set.

This reviewer likes that it’s a project you can do together with your child…

Part of the fun is assembling the pieces together

August 25, 2014

By H. Kim

Part of the fun is assembling the pieces together with your kid.

It’s good to take a video game and add a more tactile element to it.

Just don’t think of assembling the many pieces as “work”.

This reviewer likes the quality…

Great kit!

August 6, 2014

By Andysibirsk

Great stuff! Easy to put together.

Sturdy heavy weight paper.

Good color and true to the look of minecraft.

 And this review reminds you to be mindful of the quantity of boxes you’ll have to store…

Fun for awhile

June 3, 2014

By Momof2

Really fun to put together. Any child who loves minecraft and art type projects will love this.

My 7 year old folded everything himself after I showed him basic instructions. He thought it was great.

The only con is that you have loads of paper boxes everywhere afterwards.

You will need to have a rather large storage bag/bin to store them in if you plan on keeping them.

Threadz Beanie Kit

Do you have a little fashionista in your life?

How about a trendsetter creating her own designs?

The Threadz Beanie kit is a must have for her hobby!  She’ll learn the craft of looming and build confidence while making her own accessories.

The review below gives you one parent’s outlook while her daughter tried Threadz Beanie kit for the first time.

Knitting for Kids with Threadz

October 3, 2013

by Tammy

Our daughter is very creative and she loves a challenge.

She was introduced to Threadz which are kid-friendly weaving and hooking kits that come with all the tools one needs to create a scarf, a beanie or a purse.

Threadz kits feature the latest yarns in the hottest colours, which will match any style minded child. Threadz is a great confidence builder for crafty kids.

I was really surprised by how quick she caught on to making her own beanie. I walked her through the easy to read instructions a few times around and she was off on her own.

She has spent close to 2 hours, focused on creating her beanie. She has only asked for help a few times, which were simple little mistakes. Although the package says you can have a beanie in a few hours she still has a few more hours to go till completion.

Each time she sits down for a few minutes to complete another row, she is excited and happy to review how far she has gotten.

I am confident before the snow fly’s she will be wearing her hand crafted beanie. In the meantime her confidence is building.


Graphic Skinz Design Studio

For the little designer in your life!

With the Graphic Skinz Design Studio, your little designer will spend hours crafting and creating her own decorative covers for anything from cell phone cases to shoes!

This art and craft set allows her to tap into her artistic side by herself or as a family project…and a new hobby is born!

Below are a few reviews for the Graphic Skinz Design Studio.

Seal of approval from this buyer…

Fun and exciting to pull your nicely wrapped piece out and see it for the first time.

By Frogsong

November 2, 2014

My granddaughter loves doing arts and crafts..

…It’s simple to use and a lot of fun. My granddaughter gives her seal of approval…

This reviewer says it’s so easy for the creative child in your life…

This toy is great for the creative child!

November 14, 2014

By Penny Pinching Polly

…This toy is great for the creative child! They can change the look of the included items or anything around the house!

It was easy for my 9 year old to do on her own after I explained everything.

My refrigerator magnets and a few hot wheels got a makeover! I think this would make a wonderful gift for any child age 8-14.

And this reviewer compares it to temporary tattoos…

Stick on Tattoos for Stuff

November 8, 2014

By Vicki Bohn

This is fun and makes cute stuff…Basically, this works like a temporary tattoo.

It is thicker and more vibrant than temporary tattoos, but the application is essentially the same.

Overall, this is fun and the refill packs aren’t terribly expensive at about $5, depending on where you buy them.

I think it would make a fun gift for kids ages 9-11 or so. My 10 year old daughter likes it.