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Take a moment and think about the versatility of puzzles. These complex, fragmented pictures that challenge the mind can be great to boost memory!

There’s a vast array of choices out when it comes to puzzles. Envision putting together a 3D puzzle or the ever challenging reversible puzzles. Can you imagine the challenge and sense of accomplishment after completing a borderless puzzle?

Of course, it all starts with the simple ones. Watch a toddler place puzzle pieces in their correct shape. It’s fascinating to see their little minds working and putting together this challenge, knowing it’s just the beginning!

Hape – Quadrilla – Music Motion – Marble Railway in Wood

Now here’s a fun music toy.

The Music Motion incorporates EVERYTHING!

It’s a building toy and your child is learning different strategies to create music as the marble winds its way through the maze.

Hape is known for its quality wooden toys and below you’ll read what others have to say about the Music Motion.

This reviewer says the building is nonstop…

Fun for all ages

By Larissa Holmstrom-Wetzel

February 18, 2014

…The building material is fantastic, all blocks marbles and various pieces are extremely durable…

Everyday my son asks to build another maze and my whole family can’t wait to do it….

And this reviewer likes the musical element…

Pleasant Tones add to the Fun

January 7, 2014

By Der

Making ” music” as the marbles work their way through your construction adds to the experience…

Now this review likes the creativity that is encouraged…

Quadrilla – Music Motion – Marble Railway in Wood

June 12, 2013

By PA’s Mommy

Incredible!…Hours of fun!..

Promotes creativity and construction skills. Old fashioned toy that fascinates and that could last for future generations….


Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Deluxe Set, Over 90 Pieces

Minecraft Papercraft Deluxe set is the gift to meet all needs!

Looking for an arts and crafts project? Minecraft Papercraft.

Looking for something for the Minecraft enthusiast in your life? Minecraft Papercraft!

Looking for a fun puzzle? Minecraft Papercraft!!

Looking for a building toy?  Minecraft Papercraft!!!

There are over 90 pieces in this paper craft allowing you to build and construct your own Minecraft world.  Step away from the game and exercise your mind!

Check out the reviews below to see what others have to say about this deluxe set.

This reviewer likes that it’s a project you can do together with your child…

Part of the fun is assembling the pieces together

August 25, 2014

By H. Kim

Part of the fun is assembling the pieces together with your kid.

It’s good to take a video game and add a more tactile element to it.

Just don’t think of assembling the many pieces as “work”.

This reviewer likes the quality…

Great kit!

August 6, 2014

By Andysibirsk

Great stuff! Easy to put together.

Sturdy heavy weight paper.

Good color and true to the look of minecraft.

 And this review reminds you to be mindful of the quantity of boxes you’ll have to store…

Fun for awhile

June 3, 2014

By Momof2

Really fun to put together. Any child who loves minecraft and art type projects will love this.

My 7 year old folded everything himself after I showed him basic instructions. He thought it was great.

The only con is that you have loads of paper boxes everywhere afterwards.

You will need to have a rather large storage bag/bin to store them in if you plan on keeping them.

Brio Classic Figure 8 Set

How many times have you imagined a traditional Christmas morning?  With the train circling around the Christmas tree?

Or spending hours listening to your little guy in the playroom choo chooing with his classic wooden toy train?

The Brio Classic Figure 8 set brings you back to a time when life was simple and toys weren’t complicated.

Interlocking tracks act as a puzzle that you create for train.  A great way to spend quality time with your family!

See what others have to say about this classic toy in the reviews below.

Spans the test of time…

Brio trains – an OUTSTANDING toy

October 13, 2014

By Julie Templeton

Brio trains lasted my son from age 2 until age 13.

The ONLY toy that can claim an 11 year interest span.

As he got older we added pieces and by the time he was 13 we had a major metropolis on the living room floor.

This toy encouraged his imagination and entertained him for HOURS….

This reviewer is appreciates the quality…


January 22, 2014

By KenWa

….The pieces are, for the most part, made of the quality wood I think of when I think of Brio…

And this reviewer says it’s perfect for toddlers…

Nice little starter set for the toddler

December 19, 2012

By R. Stewart

This set is exactly what I sought as birthday present for a toddler. It is very simple.

A two to three year old will find the tracks a bit of a puzzle, and their imigination will be given a chance to explore a variety of assembly sequences, not all of which end up in a figure 8!

I hope to add to this as time goes on.

Sciencewiz Cool Circuits

Are you looking for the perfect puzzle game?

One that will offer you multiple challenges?

Cool Circuits is a visually appealing puzzle that offers 40 different challenges.

This game won Puzzle of the Year for 2013 and is highly popular.  Check out the reviews below to see what others are saying.

This review talks about the increasing level of difficulty…

Interesting Concept…Kids Love It

By T. Emond

December 21, 2013

…The object of the game is to get all of the pieces on to the board in a complete path (circuit).

When a circuit is completed the board lights up and plays a little song. (music can be turned off)

The challenges increase in difficulty and show fewer and fewer piece placements as you increase in difficulty.

My children really enjoy playing this game. It is pretty challenging.

This reviewer says it’s great as an educational tool…

Fun cool toy

May 25, 2014

By lisa schmidt

…A neat learning toy, without seeming too educational for a kid.. Grownups like it too!

And this reviewer likes how it keeps all ages challenged…

Fun Game

February 22, 2013

By smiley

It challenges my 9 year old…My Daughter…13 year old…

It gets increasingly harder to figure out each successive puzzle, but rewards you in the end with lights and sound

Melissa & Doug See & Spell

You can never go wrong with Melissa and Doug learning toys!

The See & Spell puzzle by Melissa and Doug offers its trademark quality wooden toy you’ve come to expect with their products.

Watch your little ones learn their letters and spelling with the colorful pieces!

See below what others have to say about the See & Spell puzzle by Melissa & Doug.

This reviewer appreciates this puzzle as a learning tool…

Great learning tool

September 30, 2014

By mckinneymama

Favorite in our household.

I’m amazed at how well my boys (2 and 3) recognize letters and spell words with this puzzle set. They really enjoy it.

I appreciate a fun learning tool!…

And this reviewer is a fan of Melissa & Doug…

Melissa and Doug

September 6, 2014

By Hot MamaFL “JP”

Love anything and everything from Melissa and doug.

This was super cute and my little one learned a lot from it.

Still, a lot of reviewers said it could use a lid…

good buy

August 18, 2014

By klaw “klaw”

…The letters are so easy to lose, and there is no lid to the box (just a loosely-fitting piece of plastic that sits over the letter section).

Overall, a good educational toy.

Disney Frozen Floor Puzzle (46-Piece) 24″ x 36″

It’s more family fun with Disney’s Frozen!

The movie we all love and adore is characterized in this floor puzzle.  46 pieces of challenging fun for your little one!

As you know, Frozen is highly popular.  This puzzle is getting top reviews, as you’ll see below.

This reviewer says it’s challenging but not too difficult for young ones…

And he loved the movie “Frozen”

July 27, 2014

By Romatherapy

I got this for my 4-year old grandson…

It’s not too difficult, but at the same time it is not super easy for a 4-year -old, so the first time he put it together, there was a challenging aspect to it.

Also it is not the conventional rectangular puzzle ,but more of an irregular oval. I highly recommend it.

This reviewer likes the sense of accomplishment young ones feel after completion…

Excellent Puzzle

July 25, 2014

By Amazon’s Ralph Nader

…The pieces are thick and fit together very nicely. It’s very well made.

My 4 year old felt successful putting it together because it’s divided in a way that makes it challenging but able to be accomplished for preschool and early elementary children.

This reviewer wants to point out the pieces are cardboard, not foam…

I thought this was a Foam Floor Puzzle like others I’ve bought before

October 1, 2014

By Heyddy Pichardo

…It was not exactly what I expected but my niece was happy with it.

You should put on the description that it’s made out of cardboard.


Hape – Quadrilla – Vertigo – Marble Railway in Wood

Who doesn’t have fun building intricate mazes for their marbles?

The Quadrilla-Vertigo by Hape is a detailed marble building toy set that includes over 98 building pieces and 50 marbles.

Your aspiring engineer will have endless possibilities creating new designs and after every completed project, your child will have the confidence to move on to the next building challenge!

The Quadrilla-Vertigo is an enhanced learning toy that encourages your child to look at the designs from every angle.  It’s designed to teach cause and effect, troubleshooting and critical thinking.

Hape centers their products around children. You will find their wooden toys are made from natural wood have and non-toxic finishes. Hape creates toys that encourages learning and problem solving skills.

Here are a few reviews regarding the Quadrilla-Vertigo by Hape.

This parent is impressed with the educational value…

Quadrilla Vertigo

April 7, 2014

By Cindy Natale

This is everything a toy should be!

I love that it is sturdy and it makes my 4 and 5 year old girls think, problem solve and trouble shoot.

Already learning to check and see what direction the blocks are pointed when the marble goes the wrong way. They love to help me put the runs together and enjoy the finished product…

Best building/engineering toy our girls have.


This reviewer likes variety in building choices and also has a suggestion regarding a building surface…

Fun, creative and a crowd pleaser

December 25, 2013

…There are thousands of combinations to be made and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Would suggest a supporting hard surface under the construction as it can be a little tippy, especially for younger children…


And this reviewer is fan of wooden toys…

Educational Fun that will last for decades

October 24, 2013

By Candra C. Georgi “mommy of many”

I love wooden toys…stand the test of time and aggressive play, ha!

…the boys love to build all types of marble creations with them. This one has been a great addition…it is sturdy, colorful, and has different swirls and pieces that keep the boys building for hours.

It’s imagination & invention in one great product. It’s like legos & wooden blocks, but adding elevation and marbles!..

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car

Are you looking for variety in your next baby toy purchase?

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car offers an amazing amount of activities!

Not only does it offer over 75 songs and phrases, but it also doubles as a learning toy teaching shapes, colors and words!

Looking for another bonus?  It’s shaped like a car!  So not only does your baby have fun activities on the outside, but crawl around inside and there’s even more fun!

One reviewer for this toy raves about the variety…

A new favorite toy!!

November 10, 2014

By Amazon Customer

…Before we bought this, he wasn’t crawling or picking himself up, now all he wants to do is be in this car

…It does so many things, he never gets bored and neither do I!!…

Another review for the many activities and music…

Great toy!

November 4, 2014

By Tama Lunsford

My daughter loves this. We got it in August, and she still plays with it daily.

Many activities, and the music isn’t as annoying as some toys.

…Overall, it’s great and my daughter looks super cute playing in it 🙂

This reviewer is pleased with the long term play…

Wonderful for Longterm Use and fun!

October 22, 2014

By New Mama Naya

…Best toy purchase I’ve made thus far. My son was only about 7 months…but would sit in the car n play with the buttons.

He is now 14 months old and Still LOVES this car.

…Highly Recommend for longterm fun…