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VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio Play Toy

Are you looking for the perfect music toy to introduce your preschooler to music?

VTech, known for its quality learning toys, offers the Record and Learn KidiStudio.  Watch your child delight in creating music, recording their songs and expand their knowledge as they’re introduced to variety of musical styles from classical to techno.

The VTech is a favorite among children and parents.  It is even named one of the Best Toys for 2014 by MSN.

See what others have to say about this toy in the reviews below.

This reviewer says it develops creativity…

Very Good Toy – Highly Recommended

By C. Hill

This VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio Play Toy is an awesome musical play set that any child would love to have…

This is a very entertaining toy that will keep kids engaged and will help develop creativity…

And this reviewer says the possibilities are endless…

Fun for the Whole Family

November 28, 2014

By Sasha Cory

…I love how this brings out her creative side…

The possibilities are endless! Children can play with many different instruments like the scratch disc, cymbal, microphone, or drums and over 40 different melodies just in one toy…

This review speaks of  learning the variety in musical instruments…

Musical fun for the kids

November 25, 2014

By Heather “hethes”

…This allows for my kids to explore a variety of musical instruments, adjust the tempo and sing along to music. They can even record their masterpiece to share with friends and family…

Little Tikes Get Out n’ Grill Kitchen Set

What little boy doesn’t love going out and grilling with Dad?

Watch your little guy outshine Dad with his mad grilling skills with the Get Out ‘n’ Grill pretend play set!

This is a kitchen play set even boys will love.  Read the reviews below to see what others have to say about this toy.

Grilling like Daddy…

My twin nephews loved it!

By Jovanna Johnson

September 8, 2013

I got this for my twin nephews…it was a big hit.

They love being able to grill out with Daddy! ….

Perfect for boys…

Great toy for boys!

By misty mckay

June 1, 2014

Great toy for boys. My nephew loved it, now he can grill just like Dad….

Liking the utensils…

Little Tike Grill

June 10, 2014

By Eileen

….It is nice that it has little tools and pieces to help them pretend they are really grilling.

Hape – Stormy Seas Game of Balance

The seas are choppy and you’ve got to keep the cargo aboard!

The Stormy Seas Game by Hape is bringing fun for the whole family.  Using strategy to keep all the wooden pieces balanced, you’re sure to have plenty of laughter and fun with this game!

With Hape, you always know you’re getting quality wooden toys and challenging educational pieces.  Read the reviews below to see what others have to say about Stormy Seas.

Loving the Hape company…

Five Stars

October 9, 2014

By wendy

Cute game that the kids love. Another great toy from the Hape company.

Gets the children thinking…

Cute game, great design, fun for young toddlers

June 30, 2014

By Kelly K

This is an adorable wooden game…I love the simplicity of the deign…so kids you aren’t quite at reading level yet can still play.

It’s a great game for young toddlers…The balance aspects really get them thinking, and of course, it’s always fun to see the pieces fall when someone tips the boat. 🙂

A winner in this house…

Stormy Seas Is a Winner!

December 3, 2013


…The wooden pieces are well made, and children quickly learn how to balance the objects as they are placed on the ship…

The adults playing Stormy Seas enjoyed it as much as the four year old. This one is a winner at our house!

VTech Sit-to-Race Smart Wheels Ride-On

Are you looking for a learning toy that will grow with your child?

The VTech Sit to Race Smart Wheels is a multifaceted toy for your child!

This electronic toy teaches your child the basics and as they grow older, it becomes a fun ride toy!

This toy is a favorite among parents and children.  Read the reviews below to see what they have to say.

Sturdy ride on toy…


By R. Vaughan

March 16, 2014

I looked at a lot of these ride-on toys for my 10 month old son…This one is nice and sturdy with the four wheels.

…Granted, it’s the perfect height for a toddler to hold onto and push the toy. Still a great toy!

Developmental and still having fun…

One Year Later and Still Loving It

November 17, 2013

By LeAnn “sillyleann”

…He rides on it, pushes it around, uses it as a step stool, or just pushes the buttons….

I’m not sure I would call this educational. But…I would consider it a good developmental toy… loves to run around, bounce to the music, and laugh.

That is when I know it has been a good toy.

VTech fan…

wonderful product

June 5, 2013
By Sherrill Williams

V-tech can’t be beat, goes together easily, great toy. Great grandson loves it, got it for first birthday! Walks everywhere!


Music Maker Lap Harp

The harp simply makes beautiful music…but it can be cumbersome.

The Lap Harp is a great introductory to learning the harp and playing that sweet music!

Below are a few reviews for the Music Maker Lap Harp.

This reviewer says it’s great for the interested learner…

This is a great first step for getting children or anyone else interested …

October 23, 2014

By f/stop

This is a great first step for getting children or anyone else interested in playing an instrument.

It is simple to use and understand with musical composition diagrams that slide under the strings…

And this reviewer says the Lap Harp is great for young and old…

It is easy to play and fun to have a little music …

August 11, 2014

By laureen Milazzo

…It is easy to play and fun to have a little music in the home for old or young to play.

This review says it’s perfect for the beginner…

Wonderful Gift Idea

March 11, 2014

By G. Dschaak “zelda”

This Music Maker Lap Harp is a perfect gift for little ones who are just learning about music


Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

The Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace receives high reviews for many reasons.  As you read the reviews a couple things stand out.  This is my childs favorite toy and my child still plays with this toy after years of owning it.

Best doll house for toddlers,
November 16, 2014
By floridamommy “afowler75” (Florida)

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace (Toy)
“Gave this to my 4 year old daughter 2 Christmas’s ago when she was 2 and she still LOVES playing with this castle.”

Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Leader Class Optimus Prime Figure

Passionate Transformer fans love the Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Leader Class Optimus Prime Figure as a new addition to their Transformers collection. Reviewers give it 4.3 stars out of 5 as of November 20, 2014.

Here are some reviews that provide good insight.

Truly- A Collector`s Dream
August 14, 2014
By Chetan R.

“The chrome detailing specifically makes it look sharp and stylish and is not overdone when compared to the Optimus Prime Voyager Class.. I loved the sword and the shield as they fit perfectly”

Recommended for big Transformers fans, August 3, 2014
By Aoife (Portland, Oregon)

Great detail, the chrome pieces are nice. It’s relatively easy to transform. When it’s in its truck mode it fits together nicely and looks cool. The joint articulation is very good and it is generally a well-made and fun toy.”

Something to consider…

August 31, 2014
By Caloyski
Verified Purchase
Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Leader Class Optimus Prime Figure (Toy)
– got it for a really good price at Amazon (10 dollars cheaper than retail)

– annoying backpack
– small for a leader class
– so so transformation

Bottom line:
If you’re paying 40 plus dollars for this, dont get it, but if you want an age of extinction optimus prime, evasion mode would be your best choice

Cuddlekins Wolf – 30-Inch

Now this wolf isn’t so scary.

This sweet wolf is soft and realistic.  The perfect stuffed animal for the wild life lover in your life!

Cuddlekins is a line of realistic stuffed animals by Wild Republic, so this Cuddlekins Wolf is large! Perfect for cuddling and feeling comforted.

Below are a few reviews for this lovable wolf.

This reviewer is impressed with the quality and price…


October 30, 2014

By girlnextdoor

I’m so impressed with the size and look of this wolf! I would expect to pay much more…

This review talks about the size…

This is awesome! It really is a BIG wolf

October 14, 2014

By tara cluff

This is awesome! It really is a BIG wolf….

And this reviewer feels it’s a real beauty…

This is an absolutely beautiful stuffed animal

August 11, 2014

By Troyanne Bookout

This is an absolutely beautiful stuffed animal.

My daughter and her friends fell in love with it on the spot.

So realistic looking and very plush. Tops on snuggability!



iPlay RC Battling Tanks

It’s an epic battle of all battles.  You versus your opponent and tensions are high.  Your heart races as the other tank’s barrel swivels toward you. Who will win?

The iPlay RC Battling Tanks comes with two remote control tanks to engage in an intense war of fun! Each tank comes with four LED lights that represent a life.  As you battle, a light goes out with each hit.  If all the lights go out before your opponent, you lose.

This infrared electronic toy boasts of its size and cool sound effects!  See what others have to say about these battling tanks in the reviews below.

This reviewer is impressed with the detail and more importantly family fun…

The family that plays together stays together

November 19, 2014

By David Bents

…The detail on these toy tanks is outstanding, more than what is required for a children’s plaything.

Of course that enhances the action when it’s grampa vs grandchild, or momma versus poppa . . . .

And this reviewer is impressed with the mobility of the tanks…

I was pleasantly surprised how much fun the kids had with these r/c tanks

October 15, 2014

By Dennis S Jacks

I was pleasantly surprised how much fun the kids had with these r/c tanks.

The tanks were able to move really well, even on slightly rocky hard packed sand…

This reviewer says it’s perfect for boys…

Have boys? Get this!

October 4, 2014

By For Real “HAND”

If you have boys or just men who are still boys at home then this is the perfect battle toy for them!

You get two well made plastic tanks each controlled by its own RC. The mechanic and firing sounds are pretty realistic…

The tank can turn and reverse and the gun turret can turn up to 320 degrees, 160 on each side. It uses infrared to fire at each other and it’s really super fun…

Sciencewiz Cool Circuits

Are you looking for the perfect puzzle game?

One that will offer you multiple challenges?

Cool Circuits is a visually appealing puzzle that offers 40 different challenges.

This game won Puzzle of the Year for 2013 and is highly popular.  Check out the reviews below to see what others are saying.

This review talks about the increasing level of difficulty…

Interesting Concept…Kids Love It

By T. Emond

December 21, 2013

…The object of the game is to get all of the pieces on to the board in a complete path (circuit).

When a circuit is completed the board lights up and plays a little song. (music can be turned off)

The challenges increase in difficulty and show fewer and fewer piece placements as you increase in difficulty.

My children really enjoy playing this game. It is pretty challenging.

This reviewer says it’s great as an educational tool…

Fun cool toy

May 25, 2014

By lisa schmidt

…A neat learning toy, without seeming too educational for a kid.. Grownups like it too!

And this reviewer likes how it keeps all ages challenged…

Fun Game

February 22, 2013

By smiley

It challenges my 9 year old…My Daughter…13 year old…

It gets increasingly harder to figure out each successive puzzle, but rewards you in the end with lights and sound