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Razor Girl’s Angel Bike (White, 20-Inch)

It’s summer fun and time to hit the trails with a brand new bike!

Your daughter is rocking  a whole new style and this Angel Bike by Razor is the perfect look.

Bond with your girls as you enjoy the outdoors.

Here are a few reviews for this ride toy.

The perfect bike for this non “girly” rider…

My 8 year old daughter loves it

By A Maher

June 17, 2013

…My 8yr old is not very “girly” and doesn’t care for most of the girls bikes out there. She didn’t want a boys bike either. This one was perfect and it rides great. She loves it. It’s the perfect size for her…

And this reviewer says mostly assembled…

Great bike

By matthew

April 19, 2015

Great bike my daughter loves it. Good condition when it arrived. Very little assembly required. Also looks cool…

Rewarded with hugs and kisses…


By Marvin

December 21, 2013

This bike is crazy beautiful, it stands out with all boldness and beauty once assembled, I assure that you won’t be disappointed nor have any regrets, my 7 year old just love love love LOVES IT. All smiles, hugs and kisses once you buy this for your little angel, I would recommend this a thousand times over.


Beach Toys Assortment! 12 Shutter Shade Sunglasses 12 Squirt Guns 12 Beach Balls & 12 Bubble Bottles + BONUS 9″ Frisbee!

Do you have an exciting beach party planned with the kids?  Be prepared with this cute set of outdoor toys!  The assortment of toys are just what kids need to keep them running around and enjoying a day at the beach.

The Beach Toys Assortment offer a variety of summer items for all ages.

Read the reviews below to see what others have to say.

A great kit for the entire family…

A great instant icebreaker for a large party or gathering with children

By Gen

April 19, 2015

This is like a party in a bag! If you have a large family or are having a big party or get together this summer, this is a great little kit that will be fun for everybody to play with together….this is a great instant icebreaker for a large summer get together with children.

This reviewer points out the sunglasses are not child size…

deff would recommend it for parties

By Jennifer

January 24, 2015

this was a steal!! deff would recommend it for parties. and just to be clear these shutter shades are adult sized…

A big hit with this reviewer…

I am so happy that I came across this party assortment

By Christina

July 7, 2014

I am so happy that I came across this party assortment. It contained everything I was looking for. Well worth the price. The kids loved everything, especially the sunglasses. These party favors were a big hit!


Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

Do your kids go outside to play only to come back in a few minutes later complaining that it’s too hot?  Now there’s no excuse with the Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool!

Enjoy hours of fun outside splashing in the pool while under the cover of the shade.  This inflatable pool will be a favorite outdoor toy for your kids this summer.

See what others have to say in the reviews below.

This reviewer likes the design…

Better than most

By Joshua

April 10, 2015

…Also has a drain plug at the bottom unlike other competitors version. Fills up easy and fast with a air machine (same kind as the inflatable mattresses), also empties real fast as well.

And plenty of room for several toddlers…

Awesome Pool

By Lawrence

September 11, 2014

I can’t say enough about this pool, it’s so perfect and amazing ! ….you could easily fit two adults or four toddlers ! Love it !

Here’s some advice about the canopy…

love it


June 15, 2013

Great durable material. As far as top staying up, first, make sure the round velcro dots that connect top to pool are lined up then you will want to slightly over inflate the legs. Mine stays up with no problems at all. Great size for several kids. I have twin 2 year olds and they love it and have had 2 more friends about their size in with them with no problem for space at all.

Angry Birds Toy Skate Set(Shoe Size 6-12)

It’s never too early start rollerskating!

With this Angry Birds Toy Skate set, you can introduce your little one to the active sport!  Who knows?  Maybe your little guy is the next Apolo Ohno!

This inexpensive ride toy comes with skates and pads.

This reviewer is pleased…

Great Price, Really Cute

By Calyn

June 15, 2014

They are really cute…He’s loving them and even using the pads from here with his bike…


Kaskey Kids 5205 Soccer Guys and 5206 Soccer Girls with Fields

Sometimes your kiddo can’t actually get out there to play the game but they can’t get away from the sport either.

The Kaskey Kids Soccer allows your child to keep playing when weather, injuries, or other circumstances prevent them from doing so!

The set includes sports action figures, a field and an over-sized ball.

Check out the reviews below for the Soccer Girls by Kaskey Kids.

This reviewers uses it as a toy and teaching tool…

Great for young players and coaches

By Crownan

November 9, 2010

Not only does my daughter play with this toy but it has been a very effective tool to educate my U-8 and U-10 Girls teams….

My daughter likes to see it in action as well.

A way to play when not on the field…

Daughter loves this.

November 26, 2013

By Kevin A. Richardson “krichardson1232”

…A great way to get your daughter into the game when not at practice.

Also used as a coaching tool…


October 27, 2010

By Deal Finder Mom “deal finder mom”

I got this for my husband to help coach his teams.

My son plays with it the most. Absolutely loves it!

We also have the football one. These were my best purchases in a long time

Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball

You’re watching your son. He steps up to the plate. He swings. SMACK!!! The ball is going…going…it’s gone! HOME RUN!!

Baseball is still America’s favorite pastime. Why not give a gift that teaches the love of the sport and grows with him, as well?

Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball is a sports toy that adjusts to your child’s skill level. It starts as tee ball and graduates to a launcher!

Many parents are loving this toy!  See a few of the reviews below.

This reviewer says it’s a great introductory toy to baseball…

great for teaching baseball

By J. Williams

August 14, 2006

…This is exactly what we needed.

…I now can help him with his form and the machine does all the pitching perfectly.

…He stands in front of the machine with his glove and catches the balls as they pop out.

I recommend this as an introduction to anyone interested in baseball.

This reviewer likes that it develops hand eye coordination…

Hours of Fun

August 4, 2014

By Vera J. Davidson

…Develops the needed hand eye coordination and ability to swing.

Great purchase!

The price was more than fair, too.

And this reviewer says it’s a good learning toy…

Great Fun

June 29, 2014

By Kent Mercer

…They learn from hitting off the “T” and then move to the ball being tossed upwards.

As they progress they use it to pitch the ball at them form a distance.

Great Fun and good learning experience.

Diggin Active Dodge Tag

Run!  Avoid the ball headed straight toward you!  But wait, you’re trying to throw your ball at a moving target…your opponent!

It’s challenging.

It’s suspenseful.

It’s fun!

Active Dodge Tag is a sports toy that puts a new twist to dodgeball! Just another fun game to get moving with your kids.

Read the reviews below to see what others have to say about the Active Dodge Tag.

This reviewer says it’s great exercise…

Very Cool Toy with Loads of Action!

By George Pritchard

July 25, 2009

I bought this…thinking it would be a great way to create more physical activity in her day.

What an understatement!…The very nature of the game requires lots of running, jumping and- yes, dodging… so the players really get a workout and have loads of fun at the same time…

And this reviewer says it provides lots of laughter…

Laughter to the ears 🙂

January 17, 2014

By C. Tarter “char”

…the kids run like crazy and laughter is good for all parents ears!!

This review likes the learning skills for baseball and the indoor/outdoor play…

Fun indoors and outside

May 14, 2012

By A. Oberkrieser

…it will help him as he is learning how to throw and aim at a person (for baseball), and also to help him work on his catching ability.

The game works very well for both of those things…

…I think that it seems overall pretty durable and well suited for inside and outside play.

…holding up great 🙂



Step2 All Star Sports Climber

Even toddlers love to play sports.

Watch your child rock climb.  Play basketball and learn to keep score!

Your little will spend hours burning energy….and giving you a few moments of peace!

The All Star Sports Climber by Step2 is the sports toy to teach your child the basics of good sportsmanship!

The reviews below give you an idea what others have to say about this Sports Climber.

This reviewer has a little poolside fun with it…

Fun for all ages and not too pricey

August 13, 2014

By Lindsey Argraves

Love this. We bought this for our twins…and they still play with it.

They like climbing on it and sliding down, especially when we put it into their blowup backyard pool.

And this reviewer says it’s got the little one playing many different games…

So much to do and developmental too

June 18, 2014

By C. Oneal

My 16 mos old grandson loves this it has so many things to do.

He can dunk the basketball, climb to the slide, slide, right he puts the football in its hole and he’s learning to kick due to the soccer ball.

He plays peek a boo out the football hole when he’s up to the slide…

This reviewer appreciates the exercise…

great for toddler

March 3, 2014

By ttall

…We keep it indoors, so it’s great for exercising the toddler during the winter…

Set of 4 Sports Balls for Kids (Soccer Ball, Basketball, Football, Tennis Ball) By Bo Toys

Your kids love being active! What better way to get them outside and active than with a set of sports balls?

No excuses! You can get out there and play with them too!

This sports toy by BO Toys is specifically designed for children. The balls are the perfect size for smaller hands.

Here’s what one reviewer had to say about the ball set…

Perfect for toddlers and great price!

By Gadget Girl

November 3, 2014

LOVE these balls!!!

Very soft, work like the regular adult ones, and easy for little hands.

And they are good price!

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster with blue arrows

Your daughter knocks an arrow to her bow, takes aim, and shoots.

Of course she hits the target…girls rock!

Nerf Rebelle knows that girls rock the sports scene, and can rock the outdoor games with in style and with attitude.

With the Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster, you’re daughter is not only enjoying the sport of archery but she gets to incorporate a little spying and messaging as well.

The Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster has messages on the arrows that can only be read with the decoder!

Below are a couple of reviews for the Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster.

This reviewer says it’s pretty neat…

Pretty neat bow

By T. L. Armitage

August 13, 2014

Pretty neat bow, actually.

…She likes how the arrows whistle through the air; the quiver is handy; the bow is sturdy..

And this reviewer says it functions like a true bow and arrow…

Not your typical Nerf toy

By reom3

November 6, 2014

No soft foamy parts here. This functions just like a real bow and fires off cushioned tipped arrows.

…I believe it when they say the arrows can travel 85 feet. My daughter has sent a few arrows across our 70 foot yard and into the neighbors…

Overall I would recommend this toy for children who are more on the responsible side… but keep it out of reach of us dads.