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Little Cosmetics Essential Pretend Makeup Set

Little Cosmetics Essential Pretend Makeup SetLittle Cosmetics Essential Pretend Makeup Set

Product Description:

The perfect pretend makeup set - with all of the essentials! You won't believe how realistic this fake makeup looks. With vibrant shades and a realistic texture this set is sure to please your little girl. And like all Little Cosmetics products, the makeup is completely fake and absolutely mess free! Little Cosmetics is quality pretend makeup that looks and feels realistic. The pretend makeup does not transfer onto skin or any material. It does not apply to skin and does not stain. This is not real makeup. Little Cosmetics is fake, toy makeup intended for creative play.

Little Cosmetics Essential Pretend Makeup Set


Realistic fake makeup set that does not transfer or show up on skin Encourages imagination and creative play Includes pretend play powder compact, glitter pot, blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, and real makeup brushes Pretend lip gloss has a roller ball applicator Comes in a pink organza carrying bag

Watch your little girl’s face light with excitement when she receives her very own make up set! The Little Cosmetics Essential Pretend Makeup Set is so realistic that she’ll feel like a glamorous princess. And the best part? No mess! Check out the reviews below for this very cute set.

Wonderful Idea and product. By anonon August 29, 2014 I’m anti “play make up” for many reasons. I don’t like the mess it makes or the struggle it causes because my 5 year old wants to wear it all the time yet I say no because I don’t want to take her in public with blue eye shadow and an orange face.

Besides that aspect I’m concerned about lead which is present in children’s lip glosses even if it isn’t listed due to such miniscule amounts (they add up over time). Anyway I LOVE this product. The “make up” is actually bright colored foam. I highly recommend

Best product for little girls! By Carol Scholzon July 27, 2014 Perfect for every little girl. This is so realistic I couldn’t believe it but no mess. Amazing! Comes in a cute little satchel pouch as a bonus.

Best “pretend” makeup out there By Katecoldmnon July 24, 2014 This looks so real but it is completely pretend. NO mess. Unless you touch it you would have no idea that it is fake. The “makeup” is like a craft foam. My 22 month old loves it and I love that I don’t have to worry about it getting on my furniture. I already bought 2 more sets for my friends’ girls.

Looks like the real thing By Maria H. on June 6, 2014 Verified Purchase My 3YO loves this set because it looks like the real thing. Even the lip gloss roller feels like real lip gloss is coming out. But, do not fear, no real makeup here … meaning no powdery or smeared mess. Your girly girl will love it.

Amazing ‘Fake-up’ By mastack on June 26, 2013 Verified Purchase This set is awesome. I was shocked at how real looking everything was. The eye-shadow, blush, & powder all feel so real, but leave nothing on your skin.

It is made out of some foam pallet, I think. The lip gloss tube really rolls, and the sparkly eye shadow is super sparkly but even when I rubbed my finger on it no sparkles came off (which is great because we don’t want glitter in toddlers eyes)! I am just amazed at the quality and realistic ness of this set. My daughter loves it & it keeps her occupied. I would recommend!

The Little Cosmetics Essential Pretend Makeup Set is a great gift for Birthday or Holiday

This Pretend Play and Pretend Play Toys is typically priced Under $20.

The Little Cosmetics Essential Pretend Makeup Set is typically For Girls with a recommended age 3 to 6 years

Age Recommendations:

Age 3

Age 4

Age 5

Age 6

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