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Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pet Doll, Avery

Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pet Doll, AveryMoxie Girlz Poopsy Pet Doll, Avery

Product Description:

Moxie Girlz™ are all about imagination, creativity and everyday adventures with friends. With individuality and confidence, they show it with their own unique styles! Be true, Be you!

The Moxie Girlz™ are living in a fun, fantasy world, along with their very own whimsical pets. Join them on an imaginative adventure complete with magic poop, so cute!

Nurture the fantasy pets, and they will poop something fun and unique! Avery™ has a pet koala who poops jewels! Each doll set comes with fashion doll, fantasy pet, leash and magical poop

Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pet Doll, Avery


Avery has a pet koala that poops red jewels Pet really poops something fun, unique to each pet Nurture the pet by feeding it Doll and pet have whimsical fashion Includes doll, pet, leash and magical poop

Are you looking for a VERY UNIQUE gift? One that will send your children in a fit of giggles?

Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pet Doll is…umm….Special. These dolls come with fun pets that do what pets do best. Eat and poop.

There are three different dolls in the series.  Avery, the highly intelligent and athletic Moxie girl, comes with a pet koala that poops red, sparkly jewels!

It’s not a joke. These dolls are real toys. Below are some reviews for the Poopsy Pet Dolls that are helpful.

These parents wrote of the sheer delight their children have with the toy…

Fun gift!

By SHuber –

August 1, 2014

… My 3 year old daughter was so excited to receive in the mail and immediately wanted to play with Avery.

…It was such a hit, my 7 year old son wanted to play with the doll as well (more for the pooping aspect)…

We have gone on to purchase several more of these type dolls as birthday gifts just because I think the idea is too funny…

Great Doll for Girls!

By Michelle Leys

June 6, 2014

The Moxie Girls Poopsy Pet was a big hit with my 3 & 5 year old girls. Although I must admit the thought of a pet “pooping” was a little questionable, the sheer delight of watching my girls feed in the eggs was totally worth it!

Both of my girls have really enjoyed playing with this doll!

And these parents give a heads up to the disappearing poo…

It definitely poopsies!


June 26, 2014

… However, although it “poopsies” pink diamonds or pink jewels, they are small poops, and they are easily lost!

…Bottom line: it is cute, girls like it, the Moxie Girl line is more of a natural and real doll, in that there is no over the top flash, make-up, or unrealistic body curvature, so I love Moxie Girlz, but they need to give you more of the poopsy product and allow you to order more! Or, like me, go to the local craft shop.

cute doll

By Ambair

June 14, 2014

My 5 & 3 yr olds got this doll as a gift. They both loved it until they lost all the jewels.

We find them and then they lose them again. The doll is very cute and they play with them even without the jewels.

The Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pet Doll, Avery is a great gift for Birthday or Christmas

This Dolls is typically priced Under $20.

The Moxie Girlz Poopsy Pet Doll, Avery is typically For Girls with a recommended age 3 to 6 years

Age Recommendations:

Age 3

Age 4

Age 5

Age 6


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