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VTech Alphabet Activity Cube

VTech Alphabet Activity CubeVTech Alphabet Activity Cube

Product Description:

The Alphabet Activity Cube by VTech is an interactive learning cube that has five sides of fun to discover!

Little builders will love the 13 building blocks that also teach the alphabet. The blocks can be stacked on the top of the cube or they can be inserted into the slot on the electronic side to learn more about each letter.

The electronic side also features five piano keys, a number keypad, and telephone.

Other sides of this electronic learning toy feature fun mechanical elements such as a peg maze, put-and-take holes that lead to storage area, sliders, gears, a mirror and more!

Learning has never been so much fun!

VTech Alphabet Activity Cube


Includes 13 building blocks to teach 26 letters Large electronic learning activity cube features five sides of fun Learning cube has a building surface top that provides a place to stack blocks Electronic side recognizes blocks and features piano keys and number keypad Mechanical sides feature a peg maze, put-and-take holes, storage, sliders, gears, mirror and more

Are you looking for something a little different for your baby but still acts as a learning toy?

VTech offers the Alphabet Activity Cube.  This multifaceted activity cube has large buttons, knobs, and building blocks!

It’s a perfect baby toy to keep your baby engaged and entertained!

The reviewer below is impressed with the learning aspect and wants to clarify some confusion with the talking letters…

and it doesn’t say “it be the letter a” it says ” ITS ME THE LETTER A ” haha people are seriously horrible!

September 25, 2014

By Jennifer

I bought this toy for my daughter when she was 17 months , by 18 months old she had learned the letters ‘O’ and ‘y’ thanks to this toy!

By 19 months old I was teaching her the alohabet and she was catching on so fast!

Not sure if it was solely thanks to this toy but I am buying it again for my baby boy 🙂 and it doesn’t say “it be the letter a” it says ” ITS ME THE LETTER A ” haha people are seriously horrible !

This parent is impressed with the value provided…

You get more than what you pay for!

September 13, 2014

By Vincent J. Andolino

Excellent learning tool for the youngsters! We played for hours and still found little things we could do differently.

Totally recommend this to everyone who is looking to teach and entertain a toddler..

This reviewer also likes the educational value but suggest turning off when done…

Great toy, but makes noise forever.

December 3, 2013

By Scott Schiffmacher

Very nice educational toy, easy for the kids to understand, and nice to have with more than one child.

The only downside is that it keeps making noise long after anybody has touched it, so it’s best to turn it off once you’re done with it. The auto-power off takes way too long.


The VTech Alphabet Activity Cube is a great gift for Birthday or Christmas or Hanukkah or Holiday

This Baby Toys and Building and Building Toys and Educational Toys and Learning is typically priced Under $40.

The VTech Alphabet Activity Cube is typically For Boys and For Girls with a recommended age 9 months - 3 years

Age Recommendations:

Age 1

Age 2

Age 3




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