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Are you a gamer? No, I’m talking about sitting in front on the TV playing video games or hunched over a hand held device. Do you have a game night?

Family game nights are those special moments when you and the kids spend time together. Picture yourselves gathering around a board game eating yummy snacks and cracking jokes with each other. There is no TV blaring. There are no computers or phones to distract from family time. You are all engaged with one another.

Have you stopped to think about the benefits of playing these types of games? The social skills that are learned are a stepping stone to life’s endeavors. Your kids will learn how to interact with others, how to win and lose gracefully, and even how to apply critical thinking to achieve their goals.

There are plenty of children’s games for those times when they just want to play by themselves or just with friends. Sometimes, you just need to keep your little ones distracted while you finish up more pressing matters. These games provide the entertainment and quiet time needed to complete your tasks.

Make life simple again. Play a board game.