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LEGO Minecraft The Village 21105

Lego is taking the gamer out of the virtual world and bringing them back to reality.

With the Lego Minecraft, your children can take their building skills from the screen to the real world.  Watch the look of pride on their face as they see all they can create with The Village.

Read the reviews below to see what others have to say about this building toy.

Bringing Minecraft to life…

my son really loves Minecraft and this was like bringing the virtual into reality for him

By Karyn

April 28, 2015

I bought two of these and gave one away as a gift; my son really loves Minecraft and this was like bringing the virtual into reality for him…

Two awesome products…

What else is there to say about 2 awesome products merging

By Tychoon

March 17, 2015

It’s minecraft, it’s lego.. What else is there to say about 2 awesome products merging.

And and gets them off the computer…

Kid’s love it, gets them off the PC

By S. Matthieson

March 4, 2015

Kid’s love it, gets them off the PC…

Razor Girl’s Angel Bike (White, 20-Inch)

It’s summer fun and time to hit the trails with a brand new bike!

Your daughter is rocking  a whole new style and this Angel Bike by Razor is the perfect look.

Bond with your girls as you enjoy the outdoors.

Here are a few reviews for this ride toy.

The perfect bike for this non “girly” rider…

My 8 year old daughter loves it

By A Maher

June 17, 2013

…My 8yr old is not very “girly” and doesn’t care for most of the girls bikes out there. She didn’t want a boys bike either. This one was perfect and it rides great. She loves it. It’s the perfect size for her…

And this reviewer says mostly assembled…

Great bike

By matthew

April 19, 2015

Great bike my daughter loves it. Good condition when it arrived. Very little assembly required. Also looks cool…

Rewarded with hugs and kisses…


By Marvin

December 21, 2013

This bike is crazy beautiful, it stands out with all boldness and beauty once assembled, I assure that you won’t be disappointed nor have any regrets, my 7 year old just love love love LOVES IT. All smiles, hugs and kisses once you buy this for your little angel, I would recommend this a thousand times over.


PLAYMOBIL Large Crane with IR Remote Control

What fascinates little boys?

Construction sites, large trucks and the big daddy of them all, the crane!

PLAYMOBIL taps into this fascination with the remarkable remote control toy, the Large Crane part of the City Action set.

Your little guy will have hours of fun controlling the crane by remote control picking up large pallets and other items for his construction project.

The Large Crane by PLAYMOBIL is also featured in MSN’s Best Toys of 2014.


Paradise Galleries Lifelike Realistic Weighted Baby Doll, Tall Dreams

Sometimes our little girls deserve that special gift.  The one that becomes an heirloom and not just another toy.

The Tall Dreams doll by Paradise Galleries is a very realistic and precious baby doll that your little girl will cherish for life.

This is a highly rated doll.  Check out the reviews below to say what others have to say about her.

Very life like…

Love this doll!

By Sandra Purgiel

March 2, 2012

I ordered this doll for my daughter’s 8th birthday. She loves it!

She treats this doll as a baby and takes very good care of her.

The doll seems very life like and is just a beautiful baby…

Worth the money…

8 yr olds “Best Baby Ever”

November 9, 2014

By Kristy Tarango

I ordered this doll for my daughters 8th birthday. She is completely in love with her new baby, and says she is the best baby doll ever.

She has gone on and on about how realistic the doll is. The doll is very sweet, and and well detailed.

Her outfit, bib, burp cloth and stuffed giraffe look like they are for a real baby.

I feel like this doll is well worth the money.

Perfect for when a new sibling arrives...

very nice doll

November 6, 2014

By BarbarAnn

Bought this doll for a gift to give my granddaughter when her new baby sibling is born…

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Grocery Store / Lemonade Stand

This takes pretend play to a whole new level!

The Melissa & Doug Grocery Store/Lemonade Stand has everything your child needs to run her own grocery stand.

A  durable wooden grocery stand and plenty of plastic bins to display all items will keep your child’s imagination active.

For the entrepreneur in your life, the stand also doubles as a lemonade stand!

Read the reviews below to see what others have to say about this pretend set by Melissa and Doug.

A lemonade stand and the farmer’s market…

toy gets lots of play time


April 27, 2010

…My kids get SOOO excited about entrepreneurial ideas – so they love the Lemonade Stand idea!

But they also want to sell some of the produce from the garden as a Farmer’s Market using the other side of the awning….

Great for creative play…

Not too bad. It’s sturdy

November 2, 2014

By Christy Cricow

…This is a great toy for creative role-play. Don’t buy it for your child unless you want to play store…..a LOT! We were happy to!

Perfect for daycares…

Great investment

October 29, 2013

By yoopermolly

I purchased this for my home daycare and the kids all LOVE it.

They love being able to play grocery store and the storage bins are the perfect size for holding out Melissa and Doug wooden food.


Hape – Quadrilla – Music Motion – Marble Railway in Wood

Now here’s a fun music toy.

The Music Motion incorporates EVERYTHING!

It’s a building toy and your child is learning different strategies to create music as the marble winds its way through the maze.

Hape is known for its quality wooden toys and below you’ll read what others have to say about the Music Motion.

This reviewer says the building is nonstop…

Fun for all ages

By Larissa Holmstrom-Wetzel

February 18, 2014

…The building material is fantastic, all blocks marbles and various pieces are extremely durable…

Everyday my son asks to build another maze and my whole family can’t wait to do it….

And this reviewer likes the musical element…

Pleasant Tones add to the Fun

January 7, 2014

By Der

Making ” music” as the marbles work their way through your construction adds to the experience…

Now this review likes the creativity that is encouraged…

Quadrilla – Music Motion – Marble Railway in Wood

June 12, 2013

By PA’s Mommy

Incredible!…Hours of fun!..

Promotes creativity and construction skills. Old fashioned toy that fascinates and that could last for future generations….


Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush

Turn your child’s room into their very own safari!

This plush Giraffe by Melissa and Doug is a five feet tall stuffed animal. Lots of cuddly love with this gentle giant.

See what others have to say about this adorable giraffe in the reviews below.

This reviewer is impressed by what it inspired…

Daughter’s favorite!

By Norma J. Smith

September 3, 2009

My 11 year old daughter saw this Giraffe… she plays with it almost every day after school.

She has been reading about Giraffes and their life cycle etc. It has inspired her to learn more.

Who knew that a simple stuffed animal can bring out so much?

And this reviewer is impressed with the construction…

It’s well constructed and sturdy when standing up

November 15, 2014

By Mabacon

…It’s well constructed and sturdy when standing up…but it is an impressive almost 5 foot tall stuffed animal!

This reviewer can’t get enough of the friendly face…

This product is everything the review says!!

August 23, 2014

By Kristy Dubuisson

This product is everything the review says!!

…this one has the cutest and friendliest face.

WowWee MIP – Black and Silver

Be one of the first to own a robot!

This electronic toy can be your little buddy with a fun personality! It likes to dance and box and with the GestureSense Technology, MiP responds to motion.

Download the app to a compatible IOS or android and it serves as your remote control to drive, dance or battle your new robotic friend!

MSN named WowWee MIP one of the Best Toys of 2014

Read the reviews below to see what other have to say about MiP.

This reviewer claims MiP is the best toy ever…


August 9, 2014

By Kristin H. Gonzalez

best toy ever. never had one better. 7 modes and all are cool. never falls, no charging, always cool…i highly recomend this toy.

…with app it is even more fun, RECCOMENDED!

And this reviewer believes it’s fun for everyone but wishes it wasn’t limited to IOS or Android…

Fun for all ages

October 3, 2014

By sgregis

This robot is fun for all ages.

The only thing is you can’t get remote control on any device that is not an Iphone or the newest version of the Droid…

This reviewer feels the extra money for a rechargeable MiP might be worth it…

I would definitely recommend spending the extra $50 for the rechargeable one

November 19, 2014

By momvet

My son got this for his 9th birthday and it’s very cute and he really likes it.

…it goes through batteries very quickly. I would definitely recommend spending the extra $50 for the rechargeable one…

Sunset Skateboards Ghost Complete Skateboard with White Wheels, 22-Inch, Clear

A skateboarders love affair…ghost like stealth and the speed of a demon.

Skateboarding is a sport your child will love with Sunset Skateboards.

Even more so with the clear deck and LED lighted wheels! Your skateboarder will turn heads while ripping through the neighborhood.

Below you’ll see what others have to say about the Ghost Skateboard.

This reviewer finds the board refreshing…

awesome mini plastic board.

By Vicky Hearts

May 6, 2014

This board is very fun to ride, since it’s so small and coming from riding bigger longboards it’s a challenge. which is refreshing.

I love the lights cause the just scream coolness…

And the lights are a favorite…

TOTALLY cool..

By jimmyjones

July 2, 2014

I got this for my son…It’s really cool and he loved it.

The led lights are nice and bright while the board is underway at night.