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Disney Frozen Olaf-A-Lot Doll

Imagine your kids re-enacting their favorite scenes from Frozen.  The lovable Olaf is even better with the interactive Olaf-A-Lot doll!

Olaf keeps up with his crazy antics by telling jokes and reacts hysterically to his head popping off!


Beados Quick Dry Design Station

This is the ultimate toy for the little crafter in your life!

The Beados Quick Dry Design Station allows your child to make their beads by soaking in water.  They place the beads in the quick dry station and then they are ready to design, design, design!

What better way to encourage your child’s creativity?

This arts and craft toy was features on MSN The Best Toys of 2014

 A favorite for this reviewer’s daughter…


November 27, 2014

By Missy

My daughter absolutely loves this toy. She has not been able to put it down since it arrived…

 This reviewer loves the imagination that is inspired…

Not as hard/bad as it gets made out to be…..

November 23, 2014

By Kindle Customer

….It really helps that you can free form your designs. As long as you have an imaginative kiddo you should be set 🙂

A good activity for family…

Fun, But a Bit High-Maintenance

September 17, 2014

By Jenna of the Jungle

….A good rainy-day activity for parents and kids to do together.

Spin ‘N Saucer

It’s giggles galore with this toy!

Your children will love spinning and riding.  You’ll love the hours of exercise and activity they’re receiving.

The Spin ‘N Saucer by Radio Flyer is a popular ride toy among parents and children.  Read the reviews below to see what others have to say.

No regrets purchasing this toy…

Best Money Spent!!

October 15, 2014

By Ryan Morales “RM2”

Best money ever spent! My daughter loved riding this thing back and forth all day.

A pleasant surprise for this user…

Lots of fun!

August 8, 2014


I was surprised how much we use this. My two year old loves going down the small hill on our driveway…. Good product for a good price!

Loving the laughter…

What’s Not to Love?

April 24, 2014

By karen clarke

This was a very good investment….

The squeals of laughter and delight made this purchase well worth it.

Buy it! You won’t regret it!

ALEX Toys – Bathtime Fun Water Flutes 4005

Bath time fun!

What child doesn’t love playing in the bath AND making music?

Your little one will enjoy Bathtime Fun Water Flutes.  This fun music toy allows your child to play music while bathing!

Not only are your children having a blast in the bath, but they’re learning too!  They’ll learn to read music and adjust water levels to create different musical notes!

Read the reviews below to see what others have to say about Bathtime Fun Water Flutes.

This reviewer says is a good teaching tool…

Fun and Useful

April 10, 2014

By D. Tabor

These are lots of fun and good teaching tool as well. My daughter loves changing the pitch of the flutes and knows the names of notes…

This reviewer’s daughter is learning all about music…

My daughter loves these

January 22, 2014

By Mother of two

…She can play the songs and she learns about music theory while having fun. It’s a great toy and well made!!!!

Learning to play different songs…

Bathtime flute

February 13, 2014

By Shelby

…She can go from Row, Row, Row your boat to Ave Maria. Totally hilarious.



Diggin Active Dodge Tag

Run!  Avoid the ball headed straight toward you!  But wait, you’re trying to throw your ball at a moving target…your opponent!

It’s challenging.

It’s suspenseful.

It’s fun!

Active Dodge Tag is a sports toy that puts a new twist to dodgeball! Just another fun game to get moving with your kids.

Read the reviews below to see what others have to say about the Active Dodge Tag.

This reviewer says it’s great exercise…

Very Cool Toy with Loads of Action!

By George Pritchard

July 25, 2009

I bought this…thinking it would be a great way to create more physical activity in her day.

What an understatement!…The very nature of the game requires lots of running, jumping and- yes, dodging… so the players really get a workout and have loads of fun at the same time…

And this reviewer says it provides lots of laughter…

Laughter to the ears 🙂

January 17, 2014

By C. Tarter “char”

…the kids run like crazy and laughter is good for all parents ears!!

This review likes the learning skills for baseball and the indoor/outdoor play…

Fun indoors and outside

May 14, 2012

By A. Oberkrieser

…it will help him as he is learning how to throw and aim at a person (for baseball), and also to help him work on his catching ability.

The game works very well for both of those things…

…I think that it seems overall pretty durable and well suited for inside and outside play.

…holding up great 🙂



Cartoon R/C Race Car Radio Control Toy for Toddlers

Have a blast bonding with your toddler when you introduce him to remote control cars!

The Cartoon R/C Race Car is a perfect introductory toy to the world of RCs.

This cute little car zips all over to the delight of your child! Your little guy can also honk the horn and control the headlights!

Here are a few reviews for the Cartoon R/C Race Car.

This reviewer says it’s easy for her toddler to use…

Good remote car

By Kayla Medina

June 17, 2014

Great first remote car.

…My son is 18 months and he learned easy on how you use it….

This little guy loves dancing to music the remote car makes…

Great toy!

September 5, 2014

By Marie B.

My son got this car for his 2nd birthday. He loves it! Controls are easy to use and he loves to dance to the music…

And this reviewer likes that it also works on carpet…

Great toy

October 26, 2014

By Kristi

My 2 year old loves this.

Wanted a remote toy without too many buttons.

Makes a lot of fun noises and easy to use… Also drives great over carpet. Great buy

Melissa & Doug See & Spell

You can never go wrong with Melissa and Doug learning toys!

The See & Spell puzzle by Melissa and Doug offers its trademark quality wooden toy you’ve come to expect with their products.

Watch your little ones learn their letters and spelling with the colorful pieces!

See below what others have to say about the See & Spell puzzle by Melissa & Doug.

This reviewer appreciates this puzzle as a learning tool…

Great learning tool

September 30, 2014

By mckinneymama

Favorite in our household.

I’m amazed at how well my boys (2 and 3) recognize letters and spell words with this puzzle set. They really enjoy it.

I appreciate a fun learning tool!…

And this reviewer is a fan of Melissa & Doug…

Melissa and Doug

September 6, 2014

By Hot MamaFL “JP”

Love anything and everything from Melissa and doug.

This was super cute and my little one learned a lot from it.

Still, a lot of reviewers said it could use a lid…

good buy

August 18, 2014

By klaw “klaw”

…The letters are so easy to lose, and there is no lid to the box (just a loosely-fitting piece of plastic that sits over the letter section).

Overall, a good educational toy.

Threadz Beanie Kit

Do you have a little fashionista in your life?

How about a trendsetter creating her own designs?

The Threadz Beanie kit is a must have for her hobby!  She’ll learn the craft of looming and build confidence while making her own accessories.

The review below gives you one parent’s outlook while her daughter tried Threadz Beanie kit for the first time.

Knitting for Kids with Threadz

October 3, 2013

by Tammy

Our daughter is very creative and she loves a challenge.

She was introduced to Threadz which are kid-friendly weaving and hooking kits that come with all the tools one needs to create a scarf, a beanie or a purse.

Threadz kits feature the latest yarns in the hottest colours, which will match any style minded child. Threadz is a great confidence builder for crafty kids.

I was really surprised by how quick she caught on to making her own beanie. I walked her through the easy to read instructions a few times around and she was off on her own.

She has spent close to 2 hours, focused on creating her beanie. She has only asked for help a few times, which were simple little mistakes. Although the package says you can have a beanie in a few hours she still has a few more hours to go till completion.

Each time she sits down for a few minutes to complete another row, she is excited and happy to review how far she has gotten.

I am confident before the snow fly’s she will be wearing her hand crafted beanie. In the meantime her confidence is building.


Simon Swipe Game

Challenge your brain and work those memory muscles!

The Simon Swipe game is an updated version of the classic Simon.

Simon Swipe has a lightweight electronic design,  touchscreen technology and four different games to play, including the classic Simon.

Check out what others have to say about this newer version of Simon.

This reviewer likes that the whole family can play but says the classic is best…

Swiping raises the difficulty, revert to classic mode if it frustrates you

October 23, 2014

By LegoGirl

Our family gatherings have adults and kids in a wide range of ages, so I thought this “new” Simon would be a fun way we could all play together.

… it was a great way to pass the time with a mixed group—once we reverted to using the classic (tap) mode exclusively.

…It’s a neat “upgrade” to the old tried-and-true Simon game, but there is a definite learning curve to using it.

This buyer says it keeps minds off video games…

Mind Swipe

October 15, 2014


Bought this for my 13 year old son who loves challenges. This really has him busy and keeps his mind off the video games at times…

And this reviewer says it still challenges memory…

This is a fun twist on the old Simon game

August 25, 2014

By B.L.

On the whole, this is a fun twist on the old Simon game.

It adds more complexity to keep things interesting, while still having the basic element of challenging your memory and ultimately never really giving you a shot at winning…

…I kind of like it as a memory training tool that pushes you to work your brain while still being designed to make the experience fun.


VTech – Baby’s Learning Laptop

Does your baby love gadgets?

It may be time for their own laptop!  VTech offers a cute learning toy with the Baby’s Learning Laptop.

This baby toy laptop has large buttons, several learning modes and even a working mouse!

Many parents know the reputation of VTech when it comes to introducing electronic toys.  VTech knows how to incorporate educational toys with the fun of electronics!

The review below is pleased with everything…

Great toy!!

July 16, 2014

By Tess

Fun, educational, and musical! What more could one ask for in a baby toy!

This review explains the laptop is still a favorite…

oh so annoying for me…

May 22, 2014

By shavy

oh so fun for her!! my daughter loves it.

i got it for her when she was around 18 months and now at 2.5 she still takes it out here

…was a good learning tool in terms of shapes, colors, and basic objects. only thing is the mouse. it’s so unnecessary. it barely moves

This reviewer is impressed with the durability AND how baby and brother love the toy…


April 6, 2014

By BookWorm15

My adorable nephew loved the toy as well as his older brother who kept taking it away from him…

The lights are bright enough that it distracts the kids and apparently babies are fascinated…

He has gotten into a habit of throwing this toy off his high chair…The good thing is that the toy still functions with no outward or inner signs of damage.