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Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster with blue arrows

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster with blue arrowsNerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster with blue arrows

Product Description:

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow (Blue Arrows)

When the mission calls for secrets to be sent and shared, you show your spy style with Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies blasters and bows from the Nerf Rebelle brand. Messages fly back and forth between you and your team, hidden them in plain sight on Message Arrows. Red reveals what the designs conceal; arm your friend with the decoder so she can discover your secret messages. It's Time to Step Up and Stand Out!

Nerf Rebelle and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster with blue arrows


Heartbreaker Bow blaster has real bow action Blaster fires arrows up to 85 feet Includes 3 message darts and a decoder to reveal secret messages You can store the detachable quiver and decoder on the bow Arrows whistle as they fly

Your daughter knocks an arrow to her bow, takes aim, and shoots.

Of course she hits the target…girls rock!

Nerf Rebelle knows that girls rock the sports scene, and can rock the outdoor games with in style and with attitude.

With the Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster, you’re daughter is not only enjoying the sport of archery but she gets to incorporate a little spying and messaging as well.

The Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster has messages on the arrows that can only be read with the decoder!

Below are a couple of reviews for the Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster.

This reviewer says it’s pretty neat…

Pretty neat bow

By T. L. Armitage

August 13, 2014

Pretty neat bow, actually.

…She likes how the arrows whistle through the air; the quiver is handy; the bow is sturdy..

And this reviewer says it functions like a true bow and arrow…

Not your typical Nerf toy

By reom3

November 6, 2014

No soft foamy parts here. This functions just like a real bow and fires off cushioned tipped arrows.

…I believe it when they say the arrows can travel 85 feet. My daughter has sent a few arrows across our 70 foot yard and into the neighbors…

Overall I would recommend this toy for children who are more on the responsible side… but keep it out of reach of us dads.



The Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster with blue arrows is a great gift for Birthday or Christmas or Holiday

This Outdoor and Outdoor Toys and Sports is typically priced Under $25.

The Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster with blue arrows is typically For Girls with a recommended age 8 Years and up

Age Recommendations:

Age 10

Age 11

Age 12

Age 13

Age 14

Age 15

Age 8

Age 9

Middle Childhood


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